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The Whimzica Youtube Channel of Enchantment
Ani brings her very own sprinkle of sparkliness to Youtube!  

Ani delights and entertains on her YouTube channel, Whimzica. A new series which she has recently launched, entitled 'Spellbinding Sunday Storytelling' is without a shadow of a doubt a 'must-see'. In each episode, Ani will be reading from 'Miranda The Polkadot Panda', an enchanting opportunity you would indeed be silly to miss out on! Keep your peepers peeled for further splendid surprises on this truly magical YouTube channel...

Ani Mallover's Blog of Bedazzlement
Go and visit Ani's blog at and be bedazzled! 

At Ani's Bedazzling Blog, she will continually update you with snippets from the inner-workings of her wonky brain, as well as highlighting news relating to endangered animals. DON'T DELAY - go and visit it today, this blog is certain to provide you with many morsels of marvellousness!

Ani's Fantastically Fantastical Facebook Page 
Never before has Facebook been quite so fantastical!

Be sure to LIKE Ani's Facebook page, not only will magical Fairies sprinkle you with lucky dust immediately upon doing so, you will then have the great delight of seeing all sorts of wonderful Ani news popping up in your Newsfeed! Photos, interesting articles about endangered friends of fur, updates on special offers, inspirational quotations, even the odd joke - how could you possibly deny yourself such wonderment??? Like Ani straight away and see how your life is instantly transformed from frazzled to bedazzled!