Here you will find some of Ani's latest videos that she posts to that most marvelous of inventions, YouTube.

A recent addition to Ani's YouTube Channel of Enchantment is her series of 'Spellbing Sunday Storytelling'. On the First Sunday of every month, Ani will be posting a video-reading from that most delightfully bedazzling book of hers, "Miranda The Polkadot Panda". 

It is highly recommended that you look out for each new episode, as these readings are scientifically proven to bring delight and wonderment. So be sure to fill the largest mug you can find with a steaming cup of delicious hot chocolate, get as snuggly as possible, and settle down to for these treats of Sunday Storytelling.

The YouTube channel Ani posts under is 'Whimzica', and you would be a very silly person to miss out on its Wonderfulness!


The levels of Enchantment contained in these videos is HIGHLY addictive! Ani Mallover will not be held liable for any addictions to bedazzlement that viewers may experience as a result of exposure to such potent doses of whimzicality!