Ani Mallover's Order Form of Enchantment

I would be delighted to order...

Are the books intended as a gift?

It would be so lovely if Ani wrote a personalised Message of Enchantment in the books I have ordered, at a small additional fee of R20 per book

The delivery address is the same as my billing address

I'm so delighted that I will soon be the proud owner of my very own Polkadot Panda! I am...

I am aware that Miranda The Polkadot Panda currently retails at a price of R175,00 (excl VAT). I look forward to receiving a detailed confirmation e-mail of my order shortly, which will communicate the total cost (including the best available rate for shipping fees) to me, and provide me with the banking details necessary to complete the transaction. I agree that I cannot expect the order to be processed until official notification of payment has been sent to Ani Mallover Enterprises Ltd to the address:

How Delightful! Your Order of Enchantment is complete, your little furry friend of polkadot splendour will be with you shortly! Please just confirm that you are indeed a human life form and not a visiting, green and googly eyed Martian:

Thank You! Miranda The Polkadot Panda will enter your life soon. Prepare to be... Enchanted!