Here you will find all the answers to FAQ's about MPP! (or Frequently Asked Questions about Miranda the Polkadot Panda)!

What is this intriguing book About?

Miranda The Polkadot Panda is a delightful children's book that tells of a young Panda who is blissfully unaware of the unusual nature of her spotty belly, until she meets the nasty Patrick - an obnoxious, naughty bear who ruffles poor Miranda's fur terribly! Miranda runs away in a distraught muddle, and just as she is in the depths of her dotty despair, she meets the eccentric and utterly loveable Godfrey Frederick the Golden Pheasant. With his words of birdy wisdom and infectious chuckle, this rainbow of feather puts back the bounce in Miranda’s polkadot stride!

In essence the story conveys the importance of valuing that which makes you unique and celebrating the quirks and oddities that set you apart. It is a tale that resonates with humans of all ages, for each of us has had to grapple with being comfortable in our own fur at one stage or another. 

Who would enjoy this Polkadotty Tale?

EVERYONE! It is impossible to not fall in love with Miranda and her spotty belly (unless you are a close relative of the Grinch or are simply an utterly heartless scallywag), because this little book is enchanting from start to finish. The bright, cheerful illustrations leap off the page and will bring a sparkle to your eye, whilst the beautiful story is sure to fill you to the brim with joy and enthusiasm! 

Although picture books are traditionally aimed at little humans between the ages of about 4 - 8 years, Miranda The Polkadot Panda is different, and SPECIAL! The nature of the vocabulary and subtle messages which the story conveys renders it a book to be treasured by a broader range of readers, and Ani has received beautiful letters from children as old as 14, writing to relay the special place Miranda has taken in their heart.  

If there is anyone, old or small, little or tall, and you think they could do with a truly unique addition to their bookshelves, give them a gift of enchantment -  make a Polkadot Panda a part of their lives immediately! 

Does buying a 'Miranda' book help the Pandas? I love the Pandas! Tell me it does!

ABSOLUTELY! Panda loving friend, you are in luck. Ani donates 5% of the cover price of each book she sells to the WWF, specifically in aid of their conservation initiatives aimed at conserving the few remaining Pandas in the wild. To date, Ani has 'adopted' five Pandas, help her to adopt a few more TODAY!

 Is Ani going to be writing more books? I've heard rumours of a SERIES... Is this true???

Your sources are indeed correct! Ani is slaving away in her cottage in deepest Whimzica and is busy writing a spellbinding series of stories about a colourful array of creatures. Miranda, our perky polkadot panda, is the subject of the first book, with many more wonderful animals waiting for their tales to be told! 

Each of Ani’s tales will feature an endangered animal as the main character, with an informative fact sheet at the back of the book that explains the reason for the particular animal’s threatened state. The method behind Ani’s madness is for children to be introduced to environmental themes in a subtle and memorable manner, with the stories themselves being of a whimsical, fantasy nature but supplemented by the factual reality of the reasons for these animals’ endangerment. Ani's aim is for the series to interweave literature with learning, to combine education with enchantment. 

The carefully selected characters of Ani’s tales are a subset of some of the most endangered species currently. In effect, each animal and each character in an Ani story acts as an ambassador for a key habitat that is being gravely threatened by our continued exploitation.

Ani’s books are written with the belief that we protect what we love – it is therefore essential for a sincere love of these animals to be engendered in the hearts of children, the future custodians of our planet, in order for these magnificent creatures to have any hope of continued survival.