Prepare to have your brain twizzled by some Fascinating Facts! 

Ani will add new and EXCITING animals as time goes by, each of them endangered and in need of your love, so that you can fascinate friends and family with your amazing knowledge of all things weird and wildlife! 

Fascinating Panda Facts to Ponder

5% of the sale price of each Miranda The Polkadot Panda is donated to the World Wildlife Fund. 
Saving the Panda has never been as fun or filled with enchantment - simply spreading the Miranda love will aid in the protection of this beautiful, endangered species.

As the series evolves to include other lovely creatures in peril (such as the poor Rhino), the respective percentage of the proceeds will accordingly be donated to a conservation initiative associated with that animal. We will be keeping you up to date on the contribution that Ani is making to preserving the legacy of these creatures for the enjoyment of the little people of the future, so that the characters of Ani's books will still exist happily in the wild, not on her pages alone.