Important things to know about Miranda and other Pandas and why they need you as a friend!

Except for Miranda, Pandas don’t usually have polkadots. Their proper name is the Giant Panda, and like our little Miranda, they are friendly, cuddly animals that live in the green, misty mountaintops of China.

Patrick’s fluffy, chubby shape is typical of Pandas. These hungry bears spend most of their time happily munching on bamboo and can eat as much as 38kg (84 pounds) of their favourite crispy green snack a day! That would be like you tucking into about 254 apples every day!

Some silly people suggested that Pandas weren’t really bears and that they belonged to the raccoon family, but luckily they have been put in their place and everybody agrees that Pandas are definitely proper bears. They do make strange noises though, not like their other bear cousins - in fact, they squeal and bleat like strange sheep! But that doesn’t matter – we still love them!

When Miranda was born, she was a lovely rosy pink colour - just a tiny, squidgy little thing the size of a small squirrel, about 900 times smaller than her mommy Amanda, but soon she would grow into the fluffy, cuddly little bear that we know, big enough to get up to all her adorable mischief!

The horrible thing is that Miranda, Amanda and Patrick are in more than a bit of trouble, because us naughty humans are busy destroying their nice green bamboo forests.

The more of their leafy living space that we chop down, the less the Pandas have to eat and the smaller the area they have to roam around in. We wouldn’t like it if Pandas came and ate all the yummy food in our kitchens and decided to boot us out of our human houses, but that’s exactly what we are busy doing to them, and it is making them very sad!

And it’s not just Miranda and her Panda friends we have to worry about, because they share their forests with lots of other amazing creatures that are all being squeezed into tinier and tinier spaces and won’t be able to survive if it carries on like this. There are only about 1600 Pandas left in the whole world and they are all getting a little bit worried that if us humans carry on with our silliness, there won’t be any Panda’s left in a few years - and that would be awful!

 Miranda wants us to help her and her Panda friends by making sure that they will have enough food and space to grow up to be big Pandas, with little baby Panda bears of their own one day! But if usnaughty people keep chopping down the Panda snack supply, those babies are going to be hungry, and won’t be able to survive. A world without lovely pandas – what an awful thought!

So it is time that we look after our cuddly Panda friends, and show them that we want to protect them and their lovely forest home. If we don’t stop our selfish nonsense soon, these beautiful bears will disappear forever – all that will be left is pictures in a story! We want our Panda friends to keep nibbling away for many, many, many years to come, but we need to give them a helping paw today, if we want them to still be there tomorrow.