5% of the sale price of each Miranda The Polkadot Panda is donated to the World Wildlife Fund. 
Saving the Panda has never been as fun or filled with enchantment - simply spreading the Miranda love will aid in the protection of this beautiful, endangered species.

As the series evolves to include other lovely creatures in peril (such as the poor Rhino), the respective percentage of the proceeds will accordingly be donated to a conservation initiative associated with that animal. We will be keeping you up to date on a monthly basis of the contribution Ani Mallover Enterprises Ltd is making to preserving the legacy of these creatures for the enjoyment of the little people of the future, so that the characters of Ani's books will still exist happily in the wild, not on her pages alone.

 It is said that while we are sleeping, safe and at home,
Ani's elusive, shimmering shadow the moonlit evening does roam.
With her faithful butterfly, Fifi, always a-flutter by her side,

With her pens, and her book, she sets out far and wide
In search of a new, delightfully dazzling story
About some wonderful creature and its life most extraordinary!

For you see, all the animals do love Ani so,
And follow her about wherever her nimble feet go.
She is able to hear them, their creature-speak to understand

And has promised that she will tell their tales and so lend a hand
To make sure that everyone – young and wrinkled, near and far,
Will hear their stories and see how truly splendid they are!

For sadly the animal voices fall deaf on so many an ear,
And there are many lovely creatures who for their future do fear.

Which is why Ani with her stories has come to enchant,
She is here to speak on behalf of her furry friends who can’t!