Who is the elusive storyteller that is Ani Mallover
Well... That remains a bedazzling mystery!

Ani Mallover is an elusive storyteller shrouded in myth, mystery and magic... Very little is known about her, except that she is always seen wearing a jaunty top hat and travels mainly under the twinkling gaze of starlight, with her adorable butterfly companion, Fifi, fluttering by her side.

The most accurate information to date is it that this mysterious young lady lives in a small cottage just outside the town of Bedazzlington, which is said to be situated in a charming, mountainous country known only as the Republic of Whimzica.

It is also rumoured that her cottage is made entirely out of a particularly hardy kind of caramel fudge, but it must be emphasised that this is pure speculation.

In a nutshell, Ani seeks to ignite a passion for a reading, a love of learning and a zest for all that is zany, whilst spreading awareness about important threats some of our most beautiful animal friends are facing.